The rantings and ravings of a grocery store cashier.

I appreciate that you care about the earth and the environment enough to berate me publicly for “wasting bags” by placing the plastic bag you discarded abruptly with the other unusable bags. It’s wonderful to know that I’m a horrible human being for not placing someone else’s items in a bag that your meat had already leaked into. Really, I appreciate the very loud, very public near shouting about how I am personally what is wrong with the world in the middle of my workplace.

I do wonder, however, if it would have probably have been better if you would have informed me that you didn’t want a bag or had brought your own. Especially at the point when you were literally watching me bag your groceries; that would have probably been a great time to bring that up instead of just staring at me in silence. It would have probably not only saved that bag for the next customer, but you wouldn’t have to promptly whip out your bag that you brought and take all of your groceries out of the bag you just received immediately after getting your receipt. You would probably come off more as someone who actually cares about the environment than someone who merely is looking for a way to exercise their superiority complex.

It sure is great to know that people like you are doing all you can to save the earth - one angry scolding at a time.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocery Store Cashier